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Introducing our community clothing swap held by Zig Zag Galleries and Honey Ruth Vintage! Swapping is a great way to promote a circular economy, produce less waste, and save money on clothing! The best part - it's cheaper than thrifting AND the stuff is usually cuter ;) With spring cleaning upon us, we encourage everyone to be more conscious and mindful about their consumerism, and to strive to reduce their carbon footprint! In Japan, they have a completely different approach to the concept of waste that’s called ‘mottainai’. This environmental philosophy explores the nuanced ethic of care and focuses on not wasting what is valuable. If you’ve been needing to do a closet clean-out for a while or want to rejuvenate your current wardrobe, this event is for you!

We look forward to having you participate in this fun swap event! Please read the details below carefully.

How it works:

There are no ticket sales the day of so make sure to purchase your ticket in advance! This is to ensure that we can properly prepare for the event.

This is an all-inclusive event! Bring your awesome shoes, clothing, accessories, and home decor ready to swap.

It is a take as much as you bring system! If you bring 5 things, you can take 5 things! The ticket is the same cost whether you bring three items or ten.

You can bring a minimum of 3 pieces and up to 10 items! (If you bring 10 things, and your ticket was $10, and you find 10 things to take home - that’s $1 per item!)

Please only bring items that are lightly worn, clean, and undamaged. Each item will be counted & checked for quality. 

You will be able to preview the set-up and set your items out after you check-in.

Items left over will be donated to a local community thrift store.

What to expect:

2 pm: Check-in clothing & mingle! Please show the check-in attendant your ticket to scan and hang any items needed. Your attendant will check for quality and you will be guided to the swap area to set your items out for the swap. Your attendant will be there to show you where things go, organized by size, item, etc. There will be local vendors and Motion Coffee Cart to check out while you wait for the swap to start!

2:45 pm: Check-in CUT OFF TIME! Please arrive no later than 2:45. We can not guarantee you will be able to join the swap if you arrive later than this time. We need time to set up the floor and make sure everything is ready to swap at 3 pm!

3pm: Swap starts! Don’t forget your reusable bags to shop with!

3-4 pm: You’ll have the opportunity to shop & try on items (if you choose to). When you are finished swapping - please return to the check-in table to check out. Your attendant will recount your items and you are ready to go home with your new pieces!

You are welcome to stay until the event is over around 4 pm or leave after you have finished swapping!

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Can't wait to see you!